At Olympic, we understand that when it comes to complex cable assemblies, sometimes you just can’t find what you need off the shelf. With more than 20 male and female connector types as well as other options, you can configure the perfect cable to meet the requirements of your specific application.

Cabling has come a long way over the last twenty years. Long gone are the simple, color coded input/output receptacles on the backs of electronic devices. These have been replaced by a myriad of different connector receptacles that require different types of cables in order to operate effectively.

At Olympic, we understand the cabling needs of both professional installers as well as at-home aficionados and have worked hard to amass an inventory that allows you to find the cables you need, regardless of what they are.

Olympic understands that you have cabling needs outside of what you can find at most electronics retail outlets however don’t want to pay premium prices, which is why they now offer over 20 types of male and female connector types in order to allow you the opportunity to create your own Olympia Assembly.

What’s even better is that we offer expert assistance designed to help ensure that you get the right cables for your needs every time.

Not sure what you need? Contact one of our expert sales engineers who can help you decide and configure exactly what you need.